Mini 15 Minute Workouts Everyday Can Help You Live 3 Years More?

mini-workoutsWorking out is very hard.

It’s hard to stay focused, it’s hard to keep up momentum and it’s hard to do it alone. But that’s if you take your health very seriously and do hours of exercise every dang day. But what if there was a better way?

Let’s just imagine that you could workout for a measly 15 minutes a day and still be fit and healthy, does that sound good? No? Hang on, what if I said that if you did… you could live up to 3 years longer, would you do it now? Hell yeah you would.

Here’s how…

What exactly is a Mini Workout?

These workouts are brief in period. There are numerous ideas on how long they need to be – however the basic consensus is 10 – 20 minutes. What makes mini workouts effective is the intensity level. As enjoyable as it may be, you can’t opt for a light walk with cappuccino in hand and expect to see results, beyond some satisfaction that is. To see results an excellent general rule is to break a sweat… but it’s better than nothing.

When to do a Mini Exercise?

Fitting exercise into a busy schedule is a genuine challenge. But you have to make small time sacrifices if you want to see any results at all. Most guys that do these tiny exercises do them in their lunch break, before work on an empty stomach or after work when everyone clocks off.

How much is enough?

The current studies are specifying that 15 minutes a day suffices to enhance life expectancy! WOW! I will certainly state this though, I recommend you make that your minimum. My basic advice to folks is to do these mini workouts a couple of times a day. Perhaps you can’t discover that hour to get to the gym, however you most likely can find two, three, (maybe even 4!) 15 minute blocks of time! In this case, I believe it’s safe to state more is more not less is more.

A Research Shows Efficient

According to a recent publication by “The Lancet” clinical Journal, a research study that tracked both males and females over the period of eight years, reveals that 15 minute exercises can increase life expectancy by 3 years.

Which Exercises Shall I do?

Spider-Man press-ups

Beginning in the routine press-up position. As you lower yourself, bring your knee up outdoors your body to hip level. Return to the starting position and repeat utilizing the other leg. These aren’t as enjoyable as upside-down tongue tussles with Kirsten Dunst, but they will get you in shape quicker.

Beginner 10 reps and 30 secs rest before the next exercise. As you improve Gradually increase the reps and decrease the rest time until…
Superfit 25 reps and 10 secs rest


Make use of the Borg Scale to monitor your strength. Established by Swedish researcher Gunnar Borg, this rating of viewed effort is your inner feeling of how tough you are working. “It isn’t really a measure of how tired your legs are or how difficult you are breathing, however rather your complete understanding of effort,” describes Finn. On the Borg scale, the perceived effort is appointed a rating in between 1 and 10, with 10 as maximum effort and 1 as no effort at all. Throughout the sprints, aim for a score of 8.

Beginner Sprint for 10 secs and rest for 30 secs before the next exercise. As you improve Gradually increase the sprint time and decrease the rest time until…
Superfit Sprint for 20 secs and rest for 10 secs

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