Top 5 Countries In The World… For Stunningly Beautiful Women

If you’re sick and tired of living in a town, city or even country that consistently delivers you HORRIBLE looking women, then you need to jump on a plane and visit the hot spots where women are known to be beautiful. Not only will it make you happy, it will also show you a different culture… which always helps broaden the mind.

Let’s get into it:

1. Brazil


If you like curvy, sexy and very passionate women then you need to visit Brazil. It’s known for tanned chicks with butts that go on for days. Be careful though, these women have a short latin temper, so make sure you’re on top of your game.

2. Colombia


Known for it’s beautiful women and equally beautiful views, Colombia is a magical looking country. Skip over the violence for a minute and start focusing on the hot chicks. Brush up on your Spanish and you might just bag yourself a date with a stunner. The girls look curvy and Colombia is now actually the number #1 place on the planet for boob enlargement.

3. Russia


Cold… miserable looking faces and a harsh language. Why the hell would you go to Russia? Well the women are absolutely gorgeous that’s why. If you speak any Russian, you will find it much easier to get yourself a Russian girl. However it depends where you go also.

4. Spain


Spanish women have been known to be beautiful for centuries. With their golden brown tans and easy going personalities, it’s quite possible you might fall in love with them… and the food. It’s amazing!

5. Argentina


Argentinian women are known for their spicy personalities and dance moves. So make sure you’re game is on point and get your salsa rocking before you go.

Other countries worth mentioning

Obviously there are more than 5 countries in the world with beautiful women in them, but we can’t mention them all here. Sweden, USA, Thailand, Venezuela, Australia and Canada are all worth a mention too.

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