How To Approach Beautiful Women Without Looking Like A Fool


Smoke show anyone?

So you’ve just stepped off the train on your morning commute to that office you hate so very much. On the way, you get a Starbucks to take the edge off your heavy head and treat yourself before the day begins.

As you walk in, you notice a stunningly beautiful woman sitting on her own, drinking a mocha-choca-wocky-docky-dooda (or whatever concoction women drink these days) and for a split second your heart speeds up because you thought about actually approaching her.

DAMN IT! If only you had the balls to approach that chick, maybe you could be balls deep in her by tonight… ugh.

Oh well, back to your lame black coffee… shitty job and mediocre life then.

Or not…

What if you could approach her? What if you could get her number and arrange a date with her for tonight?

Well buddy… you can. With my tips below, I’m going to show you how to approach ANY woman you want… no matter how freakin hot she is and not only that, walk away with her number in just minutes.

Let’s get into it:

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1. Forget pickup lines, just approach

The first thing you want to do is forget any cheesy pickup line you had in your head. All you need to do is just approach her and say “hey, can I sit down for 1 minute… I need to tell you something”. This will arouse curiosity because she does’t know what you’re going to say next. Boom you’re in.

2. Speak clearly, slowly and confidently

Slow right down… take deep breath and approach her like James Bond. Take your hands out of your pocket, do not fidget and hold eye contact whilst you’re speaking to her. Speak clearly and confidently so she can hear every word you’re saying. If she picks up on your nerves… you’re dead.

3. Assume and lead the conversation

Making an assumption about a woman is the best thing you can do in order to keep the conversation going and to keep her interested in you. Asking interview style questions will kill the interaction within minutes.

4. Give her your phone

After a couple of minutes, tell her you need to get to work but you’d love to take her out for a drink or coffee sometime. Take your phone out and hand it to her… then say “put your number in and I’ll call you”. Then when she hands it back, text her on the spot so she has your number and you can check that it’s real.

5. Follow up quickly

When you leave her, give it no more than 2 hours. Then text her or call her that very night to arrange meeting up. Set a time, place and day. That’s it!

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