The 3 Minute Guide On Female Ejaculation: Make Any Girl Squirt Fast

How to make a woman squirtSo you want to make your lady squirt with pleasure do you? You dirty little boy!

Not a problem, it’s ridiculously easy and any guy can actually do it. But before I get into the details on exactly how to make a woman squirt. I first need to abolish a myth that’s been getting on my nerves.

When women squirt… its NOT PEE!

It’s ejaculation fluid and has been proven not to be pee, so you can stop worrying about that.

Ok, onto the techniques.

WAIT! Before we do, if you’re interested in mastering the art of making women orgasm. Dude, you HAVE to watch this video… it’s insane.

1. Make her comfortable

If a girl isn’t comfortable around you and she doesn’t trust you, then you will have zero chance of making her squirt no matter what you do. So make her comfortable dude, stop being such a seedy little freak.

Have your place nice and warm, clean, with good mood lighting. Keep the condoms, lube and massage oil handy. You’ll be needing them all!

2. Go down low

Once you’re on the bed, butt naked and you’re kissing. Kiss her all the way down from her lips to her pelvis area. Slowly, delicately and in a very sensual way, so she starts to get moist.

After a couple of minutes, start slowly licking her clit and speed up/slowdown over the course of about 10 minutes. Don’t use any fingers, only your tongue.

3. Use your tricky fingers

Now she should be very moist, turned on and squirming around a lot. She’s ready bro! Warm your hands up, lube them up with something like grape seed oil and slowly insert your index finger only.

Turn your index finger up, so the knuckle is facing the bed (upside down basically) then curl it slightly so it becomes a hook. Then very slowly start going in an out. Extend and hook your finger… you’re looking for her G-spot. It’s a small rough nibbely spot inside the vagina.

After 5 minutes of the old index finger action, take your two middle fingers. Insert, cup her vagina and begin to go up and down (not in and out). You should start to hear some sloshing, moist sounding slapping (this is great). Now speed up and start going CRAZY, she will explode in about 30 seconds.

Again, if you want to become a sex god, then you should watch this.

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